Helped by nice weather a big crowd turned out for Melbourne’s contribution to the global Climate Action Day on 21 September 2014. I have to say that it feels good to be amongst so many friends. News reports put the Melbourne crowd at 20-30,000, but as I write this the day of action continues. In all, around 2,000 cities in over 160 countries are hosting events.

Great as it feels to be amongst the crowd, there is that feeling of having been here before, on more than one occasion. And since those earlier rallies the rate of carbon emissions has increased, and Australians consciously voted in a government that vowed to wind back an effective carbon emissions reduction program.

It makes you wonder: what would the turnout be to a Climate Inaction rally? I doubt too many would turn up, but then, as things stand, they don’t need to. If you don’t want any effective action the current government is delivering it in a spectacular way.

Still, in recognition of the 30-odd thousand who did turn out in Melbourne, here a few photos of the people and the signs that marked Melbourne’s contribution to a campaign that must continue unabated.

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