About Us

What is The Switch Report?

The Switch Report is an Australian news and publishing platform that tells the stories of the people, businesses and technologies that are creating a new, constructive and balanced economy – one in which people, species and ecosystems can all maintain the highest possible quality of life. It has an Australian focus with a global reach.

The Switch Report is about The Switch towards an economic system that genuinely improves life in the long term, and away from the current paradigm of turning irreplaceable resources into waste as quickly as possible. And it is about building resilience into our systems, communities and economy in the process.

 The Switch Report seeks to:

  • Build a greater awareness of the businesses that provide the products and services that will help to sustain us in a future of diminishing natural resources and increasing environmental damage.
  • Provide an insight into the motives of the people who establish and run those businesses.
  • Improve connections and facilitate cooperation between compatible businesses.
  • Help build a culture of proactive optimism in which people are inspired to contribute to what is possible rather than be overwhelmed by the challenges we face.

 Who is The Switch Report for?

  • The Switch Report is for everyone with an interest in the technologies, businesses and people that are making a real contribution to creating the best possible planet.
  • It’s for people looking for better solutions to the way we do business, through energy efficiency, recycling, waste reduction, renewable energy and other offerings from the cleantech sector.
  • It’s for businesses looking for other businesses that can help them reduce their environmental impacts, or with whom they can collaborate to create new solutions.
  • It’s for anyone who just wants to know more about the people, businesses, technologies and industries that will increasingly shape our future.
  • And it’s for businesses that are seeking an advertising platform that reaches out to a growing audience that shares the values we promote.

 Who created The Switch Report?

The Switch Report was created by the team at Assemblo, a creative marketing agency based in Collingwood, Victoria. The initial idea came from Alistair McCaskill, Assemblo’s Managing Director and Editor of The Switch Report. Turning that idea into a good-looking reality drew on the skills of Creative Director Nick Lynn and Head Strategy Director Steve de Niese. And, of course, The Switch Report wouldn’t exist without the support and cooperation of all the people who have generously answered questions and contributed the articles that grace the site today.

Editorial Policy

We aim to abide by an editorial policy of high integrity.

Our choice of the businesses to highlight, the technologies to cover, the people to interview and contributions to post is based on our view of the relevance, interest and impact of the resulting content.We do not seek payment from the businesses and individuals that we approach or from those who approach us with a compelling story to tell.

We may accept sponsored articles provided they meet our criteria of relevance, interest and impact. These articles and their sponsors are clearly identified.