It may have seemed that The Switch Report has been a bit dormant lately, but beneath the appearance of inactivity a major transformation has been taking place. In something of a metamorphosis The Switch Report has had a complete makeover. Now the chrysalis has split open and our new-look website is about to take flight.

Our stories from the last three years are still here, but bigger and brighter in their presentation. Old stories are now easier to find with the addition of a new search function. Our commitment to telling the stories of the businesses that are, at any scale, working to usher in a cleaner, more sustainable economy remains unchanged, but with the new site come new plans.

We’ll be covering a wider range of topics that are relevant to the tasks of preserving what we can and adapting where we must. We will be looking more at the technologies that are in the pipeline or already delivering benefits for the planet, and at the campaigns and causes that are influencing the direction of policy – both positively and negatively.

Beyond individual businesses we’ll cover the evolution of the industries that are tackling the challenges and seizing the opportunities created by the need to find new ways of doing business.

And we’ll be canvassing a wide range of views on issues related to sustainability and business. To that end we are looking for regular contributors with a passion for both words and sustainability, so if you have something to say please get in touch.

Creating the new look Switch Report has been a team effort, and I’d like to acknowledge the hard work by two of my colleagues at Assemblo; Nick Lynn for his fabulous design, and Steve de Niese for his huge effort in building the new site.

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour and welcome your feedback, so please take a look around. The journey starts here.