Happy Equinox everyone, and cheers to solar power’s day of global equality.

Today the Sun sits over the equator giving us 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night, wherever we are in the world. Setting aside minor things like cloud cover, it’s a day of equal opportunity for solar power systems both north or south of the equator.

Here in the south we prepare to bunker down for the solar doldrums and months of higher electricity bills. But we won’t let that stop us drinking a toast to our solar powered brethren north of the equator.

May your skies be clear in the daytime and gentle rain clean your panels at night. May your feed-in tariffs be generous (or at least realistic), your utilities cooperative and solar power systems safe. We all share the benefits of each kilogram of carbon dioxide kept out of the atmosphere, wherever we are in the world, so all power to you and your trusty solar panels.

Happy generating!

The actual date of the equinox depends on your time zone, and this year in Australia it’s March 21 (at 8:45 am eastern standard time to be precise). However, for most of the planet, the date will still be March 20.

Image: Przemyslaw Idzkiewicz.via Wikipedia (CC)