With the recent opening of H&M’s new store in Melbourne it’s worth noting their Garment Collecting initiative.

In all their markets around the world, H&M will accept any brand of garment in any condition so they can give it new life.

Depending on the condition of the garments they may be sold as second-hand goods, converted into items such as cleaning cloths for reuse, or recycled into fibres than can be turned into fabrics for making new clothes or insulating materials.

The initiative was first launched in February 2013 and now, one year later, H&M have launched their first garments containing recycled cotton. In the longer term, H&M seek to develop solutions that allow all textiles to be reused or recycled.

I would still suggest that surplus clothing in good condition go to charity, but if you ever go near Bourke Street and you have any clothes that are past it, there is now a better alternative to dropping them in your rubbish bin.

Image: A McCaskill