We covered KeepCup a couple of years ago and it’s great to see their colourful reusable cups all over the place. Now, for coffee aficionados who might turn their noses up at drinking their sacred brew from a plastic cup, KeepCup have recreated their reusable, go anywhere coffee cups in glass.

Appropriately named Brew, the new cup presented the technical challenge of getting a hard lid to fit over a hard cup. Co-founder and CEO Abigail Forsyth says: “With KeepCup Brew we hope to engage a broader audience and reignite the passion of the early adopters to commit to our core mission – reducing disposable cup waste”.

As well as the standard plastic cup band, a limited edition Brew is available with a stylish cork band. As well as being hard, the lid also has a larger drinking hole to let out more of the aroma.

The Brew has the same recyclability as the original KeepCup and while it’s not unbreakable, it is pretty strong. The focus therefore remains on using it again and again, year after year, and putting a bigger dent into the 500 billion disposable cups the world gets through each year.


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