Services & Talks

The Switch Report is built on a wealth of experience in a variety of fields; experience that is available to other businesses that are a part of the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Editor Alistair McCaskill has worked in large and small businesses across a range of industries. Aside from helping sustainable businesses tell their stories and encouraging fruitful collaborations, Alistair is adept at building financial models that help businesses understand their needs and challenges. He is also an experienced presenter on environmental and financial topics.

As a former marketing manager in the solar power industry and as a current director of the digital marketing agency, Assemblo, Alistair also understands how to bring your products and services to market.

The business environment is constantly changing. New technologies and attitudes, along with an expanding list of challenges all represent new opportunities; new ways to address environmental challenges as well as new ways to communicate with your audience. In this dynamic environment, good advice and the right connections are essential. Through The Switch Report, Alistair is developing a growing network of people with a passion for sustainability offering a wide range of planet-saving products and services.

If you’re in business and share our commitment to creating a better planet, and if you would like to benefit from our collective knowledge and passion, why not get in touch and set up a time for a chat?